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Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator

Le Foyer Pour Femmes Autochtones de Montreal / The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal
Administration, business, accounting and finance
English, French

Job description

Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator

Located at 757 Rue Des Seigneurs, the Miyoskamin Empowerment Centre
for Indigenous Women and Children is a new building recently acquired by
the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. Miyoskamin is the site of two new
innovative projects: a 2nd stage housing program for Indigenous women and
the Saralikitaaq Centre for Indigenous children. Saralikitaaq uses a holistic
approach, based on the Dr.Julien Foundation model of community social
pediatrics. (CSP) This method incorporates medicine, law, social work,
education, and culture to provide children with the integrated care and
support they need to grow up healthy and reach their full potential. We are
currently seeking a dynamic and motivated individual to fulfill the role of
Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator

About the Position:
The Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator works closely with the Coordinator of
Care to support the smooth functioning of the Saralikitaaq Centre by ensuring
coordination and alignment of the interdisciplinary team. This team includes a
pediatrician, family lawyer, social worker, educator, cultural worker, and other
specialists. The Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator acts as an internal support,
liaison, and as a point of contact between the Saralikitaaq team, clients, and
administrative staff.

Role and Responsibilities:

Facilitation and Delivery of Community Social Pediatrics Services:
Under the supervision of the Director of Miyoskamin, in collaboration with the
Coordinator of Care and Interdisciplinary team, and with guidance from the
Saralikitaaq Steering Committee, the Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator is
responsible for the following activities:
● Becoming familiarized with the community social pediatrics (CSP)
model and principles developed by the Dr.Julien Foundation
● Participating in CSP trainings and integrating CSP tools, techniques,
and approaches into the delivery of Saralikitaaq services
● Acting as a support in exchanges between the interdisciplinary team
and Saralikitaaq clients (each child, their family and those around
● Supporting the creation and implementation of an intervention plan
with clients (the child, their family, and their community)
● Supporting the advancement of Saralikitaaq goals, objectives, and
● Participating in Steering Committee meetings to relay information and
to seek guidance on matters requiring additional advice and expertise

Saralikitaaq Team Support & Coordination
Under the supervision of the Director of Miyoskamin and in collaboration with
the Coordinator of Care, the Saralikitaaq Team coordinator is responsible for
the following activities:
● Organizing daily work and information to maintain efficiency and
● Maximizing productivity by scheduling appropriate interdisciplinary
team members to participate in client assessments, meetings,
sessions, and/or check-ins as needed
● Updating the interdisciplinary team on the status of client cases
● Communicating any pertinent information to team members regarding
client management, client action plans, etc.
● Addressing any changes to schedules and notifying Saralikitaaq team
members in a timely manner
● Communicating any pertinent information regarding Saralikitaaq
timelines, goals, or objectives to team members
● Ensuring client inquiries are responded to
● Identifying any areas of concern that could impact the performance of
team members and smooth functioning of Saralikitaaq
● Resolving any Saralikitaaq team conflicts
● Maintaining professionalism in all aspects of the role

Administrative support for the Saralikitaaq Centre
Under the supervision of the Director of Miyoskamin and in collaboration with
the Coordinator of Care, the Saralikitaaq Team Coordinator is responsible for
the following activities:
● Providing administrative support to Saralikitaaq though meeting
coordination and the maintenance of Saralikitaaq files and documents
● Booking appropriate meeting rooms as needed and managing shared
calendars and schedules
● Maintaining internal Saralikitaaq resources and documentations
● Updating client referral lists and partner contact information
● Coordinating with other administrative staff

Peer Support and Participation:
As part of a collaborative working environment, the Administrative
Coordinator is responsible for the following activities:
● Attending and participating in staff meetings
● Embracing a collaborative and respectful environment amongst peers
● Embodying the mission and values of the NWSM and the Miyoskamin
Empowerment Centre

Required experience and qualifications

Skills & Attributes
– Strong oral and written communication skills
– Strong Organizational Skills
– Ability to act with discretion and ensure confidentiality
– Ability to thrive in a fluid working environment
– Ability to work with culturally diverse Indigenous families,
communities, and staff
– Bilingualism in English and French
– Indigenous language skills (asset)

Education & Experience
– Bachelor’s degree in social work or other social science field and at
least two years’ relevant experience OR at least five years’ relevant
work experience
– Experience working in a non-profit setting
– Experience in the delivery of services for Indigenous children
– Experience and/or interest in working across multiple disciplines

*The NWSM encourages and prioritizes applications from Indigenous

Job posting period

Until 2023-06-19 at 13:53

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Le Foyer Pour Femmes Autochtones de Montreal / The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal