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First Nations and Inuit Regional Forum Outaouais 2024

First Nations and Inuit Regional Forum Outaouais 2024
Découvrez le Forum régional Premières Nations et Inuits Outaouais 2024, un événement majeur centré sur l'employabilité autochtone. Une plateforme unique pour approfondir les relations professionnelles durables à Gatineau

First Nations and Inuit Regional Forum Outaouais 2024

Plunge into the heart of the First Nations and Inuit Regional Forum Outaouais 2024, a crossroads of innovation and collaboration under the evocative theme “Unite and invest to succeed”. This exceptional event, orchestrated by the First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Quebec, is an invitation to explore the horizons of Aboriginal employability and celebrate the significant contributions of First Nations and Inuit to society and the labour market.

By bringing together visionary thinkers, community leaders, innovative entrepreneurs and committed professionals, the forum aims to catalyze a collective movement towards a future where cultural diversity and shared knowledge enrich the socio-economic fabric of our society.

More than just a conference, the forum is a mosaic of opportunities, weaving together enriching workshops, lectures and poignant testimonials. Each session is designed to enlighten, educate and inspire, offering unique perspectives on the challenges and successes of Aboriginal professional integration.

Important Information

Dates: March 13 and 14, 2024
Location: Château Cartier Hotel Resort, Gatineau
Broadcast: Simultaneous on YouTube


Together, let’s explore how we can all contribute to
an inclusive, respectful and prosperous business ecosystem,
where everyone, whatever their background, has the opportunity
to thrive and succeed.