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The Commission, a collective

As one of the regional commissions of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL), the First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Quebec (FNHRDCQ) administers, on behalf of 27 First Nations communities, the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program and Urban ISET Program, which supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit people living in urban areas across Quebec.

Through its network of 31 Employment and Training Service Centres (ETSCs), located in 27 First Nations communities and four urban centres (Montreal, Quebec City, Val-d’Or and Sept-Îles), the FNHRDCQ assists clients entering the labour market by offering various employment and training measures.


Respect • Identity • Intregrity Solidarity • Commitment

Our mission

To contribute to the personal and professional fulfilment of First Nations by actively supporting their path to employment.



In 1992, through a co-management process with the Department of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), the Regional Aboriginal Management Board of Quebec (RAMBQ) managed the programs that resulted from the Pathways to Success Strategy. The RAMBQ included all the Aboriginal communities of Quebec, the points of service in the urban areas of Montreal and Quebec City as well as Aboriginal organizations including Quebec Native Women (QNW), the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ) and the Native Alliance of Quebec.

From 1996 to 1999, the joint management approach was replaced by contribution agreements for four jurisdictional groups, including the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL), the Kativik Regional Authority (KRG), the Cree Regional Authority (CRA) and the Algonquin Nation Programs and Services Secretariat (ANPSS), in the form of regional bilateral agreements.

The Regional Office of the CDRHPNQ located in Kahnawake is now comprised of 31 employment and training service centers in 27 First Nations communities and four urban centers, namely Montreal, Quebec City, Val-d’Or, and Sept-Îles.

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