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14 December 2023

First nations labour market access 

First nations labour market access 

First nations

labour market access 

Access to the labour market

Access to the labour market for First Nations is an important topic considering the pool of qualified labour they represent and the current labour shortage in Quebec.  

Even now, Indigenous people are still marginalized and not always considered by companies, which impacts their economy, social well-being and professional and personal development. However, in recent years, changes have been taking place and resulted in numerous initiatives that allow First Nations to showcase their skills and find a place in the labour market.  

For example, many vocational and technical training programs have been created specifically for Indigenous people, providing them with specialized skills in areas such as construction, skilled trades, computer science and health care. These programs have helped many Indigenous people obtain high-paying jobs and contribute to their local economy. 

However, unemployment rates among Indigenous people are still above the national average, as many First Nations members live in remote or rural areas where employment opportunities are limited. Furthermore, discrimination and prejudices persist in some sectors of the economy, making it difficult for Indigenous people to access employment1

Governments, employers, and Indigenous communities must work together to overcome these challenges to create an inclusive and equitable work environment. It may include initiatives such as cultural awareness for employers, mentoring programs for Indigenous youth, partnerships between governments and communities to develop economic infrastructure and ongoing training programs for Indigenous workers. 

In short, the large First Nations labour pool and the progress toward its integration are significant. With continued collaboration and mutual understanding, we can further our efforts to access employment and strengthen Indigenous economies for the well-being of everyone. 

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